the fastest growing personal finance software product in history the fastest growing personal finance software product in history provides the Web's premiere personal finance solution, free. The company named Atomic PR agency of record three weeks before the company was to launch at TechCrunch 40 in September 2007, where the brand won Best of Show and has since gone on to an incredible number of accolades and more than a million users.

ComContext™ analysis clarified, not surprisingly, that the vast majority of media and blog dialog was centered around Intuit's Quicken and Microsoft Money. More importantly, it clearly identified prevalent topics, key media and blog voices, their content preferences and the character of coverage and dialog they produced. Informed by a clear view of the historical communications landscape, the Atomic team worked with Mint to create a very clear, differentiated positioning that would be difficult for the more prominent brands to defend, plus a set of themes and discussions to neutralize predictable counter attacks and further compromise competitors.

Product and company demos were carefully aligned to showcase Mint's strengths and highlight the limitations of competitors without stooping to call them out specifically. Atomic's in-house video team created and distributed a fair number of viral and broadcast-quality product and testimonial videos to bring Mint to life and establish CEO Aaron Patzer as a personal finance personality.

An editorial calendar was constructed to orchestrate and content-align a consistent flow of press releases, blog entries, product updates, pitches and tours across a very broad continuum of traditional media and digital/social media related to household finance, savings and Web 2.0 topics. Atomic's search team works closely with Mint's to optimize content and terms for maximum search traction.

In the space of a year, Mint far outpaced its weight-class competitors as well as Quicken Online in terms of both media/blog profile. On many key communications metrics, including number of feature and profile articles, depth of content, positive regard and frequency of quote, Mint leads even the packaged version of Quicken, a very mature brand.

PR has also contributed significantly to user growth, which passed 1 million members in early 2009, establishing the company as the fastest growing personal finance software product in history. Mint's collaboration with Atomic PR continues.

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