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Atomic PR client ArcSight acquired by HP for $1.5B, Simplify Media acquired by Google

Written by  Andy Getsey, CEO

In April, we posted about more than 20 campaigns, including Photobucket, Bebo, Xign,, Rapt, Golden Gate Software and many others, where AtomicPR has managed the PR and social media efforts in the period leading up to the high profile acquisitions of clients by major brands

Since then, Simplify Media was acquired by Google in May:

Then in September, Atomic client ArcSight was acquired by HP for $1.5 billion:

We’ve worked very closely with the ArcSight team, coming up with a strategy to expand the company’s positioning, create a new sub-category, create a stronger digital and social media presence and substantially increase the company’s media coverage. A case snapshot of the first few months is here:

And here’s a video we produced at the very beginning of the engagement to dramatize the reality of a term Atomic created - Enterprise Threat and Risk - in a way that words kind of can’t:

(Link to video:

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