AtomicPR to Help Launch Yaga


By InternetPRGuide staff

AtomicPR will assist with the upcoming launch of Yaga Network's P2P content distribution, transaction and subscription network, and represent Yaga on an ongoing basis.

AtomicPR teams apply an updated mix of traditional, online and technical PR skillets designed to keep companies connected in the most relevant ways with all their important audiences. AtomicPR clients interact with agency teams over a hosted PR work platform providing access to tools, collaborative applications, complete program materials and all work in progress in real time. Atomic was founded by tech PR insiders in 1999 and has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland.

Yaga provides a complete distribution and transaction infrastructure for the global digital goods marketplace. Yaga's transaction-enabled P2P network integrates a massively scalable distribution architecture with digital rights management, micro-payment, royalty accounting and back-end payment capabilities -- allowing content owners to generate revenue from their digital assets.

Yaga gives consumers the ability to find and access high quality digital content -- including audio, video, images, software, etc., from branded media companies and independent content producers. The company was founded by digital media and Internet technology veterans Chris Kitze and Vijay Vaidyanathan in 2000.