Strategy, creativity and evaluation - fueled by analytics

All our teams operate around Atomic's ComContext™ analytics platform and related processes to enable subtle insights, build smarter strategy, direct creativity in specific ways, and execute programs effectively across all the mainstream media, social and digital platforms involved. And to measure program results in detail so that we know exactly how our campaigns stack up in comparison to our clients' competitors. ComContext helps us monitor, store and analyze a variety of actionable components of language, press announcements, media and blog coverage, video, social network and Twitter activity, and search dynamics between competitive brands over time. Atomic teammates add observations, analysis and specific recommendations. Data and analysis is stored and accessible as programs progress. Our use of ComContext analytics and related campaign building and management processes provides Atomic clients with a level of advice, actionable value and expert-building not possible from bolted-on 3rd party monitoring and reporting software often used by other agencies.

In addition to its strategy building and guidance powers, ComContext also provides clients and teams with detailed measurement of all sorts of program results, presented alongside the results of competitors, so everyone knows exactly what’s happening. In the hands of talented agency/client teams, it takes campaign results to a much higher level. Other agencies and data providers charge thousands to tens of thousands per month for often lesser data and reporting alone, without any real analysis, but Atomic provides a powerful level of analytics support and reporting at no additional charge for agency of record relationships. Custom reporting is also available.