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Atomic is the #5 tech firm in the US, and among fastest growing firms

With billings over $12MM and yearly growth of 35% in 2011 Atomic has taken the #5 spot in O’Dwyer’s ranking of tech PR firms. As quoted in the article, our co-founder and CEO Andy Getsey says the firm’s growth in 2011 was due to its “broadening, creative and effective use of analytics as well as the launch of sister agency H3O Communications, which billed $2 million on it’s own, bringing Atomic ‘family’ revenue close to $15 million.

“These two things led to a string of tech and consumer tech wins by both firms, kicked off by McAfee and Sony early in the year, and a growing number of pure consumer assignments from brands like Bertazzoni and Cabot Creamery going into the end of the year,” he said.

Great job to the entire Atomic and H3O teams, and looking forward to a strong 2012!

Read the full article here

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