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Who is talking about South by Southwest (SxSW)?

This post was authored by Melanie Wong of Atomic Digital

With a good chunk of SxSW attendees traveling today, we were curious to see how social media represents them - where they’re coming from, what they’re talking about, etc.

For those who are unfamiliar, South By Southwest Interactive (SxSWi) is an event taking place in March focusing on emerging technology. The conference is often credited for helping launch startups, including household names like Twitter and Foursquare.

This year five of our Atomiccons will be headed to SxSWi — tweet @atomicpr to find us!

As expected, an overwhelming majority (92%) of conversation regarding SxSW occurs on Twitter. In the past 3 months, there has been a predictable spike of organic conversation circulating around SxSW.

Also, sentiment seems to stay healthy in the 91% favorability level(meaning 91% of content mentioning SxSW interactive is considered positive) Negative comments are from Austin locals remarking on the huge influx of visitors taking up lines at bars.

In terms of demographic, conversation is split somewhat between Texas, California, andNew York. It makes sense, seeing that a majority of tech startups are based in either NY or SF and the event is being housed in TX.

So, amongst the Texans that are speaking about SxSW, who are they? What are they saying? A word cloud and age demographic chart below shows the following:

“Best”, “Free”, “Band” and “Party” all make the list understandably. However, we are also seeing results like “Courtesy” and “Check” — signifying a source of advice and information is coming from young locals looking to share expertise on their hometown and what to do during SxSW. A large majority of Texan tweeters and bloggers are around the 21-35 age range.

If we take a look at what the visitors are saying…

We are seeing a definite similar set of words in the word cloud regarding the positive mentions (free, great, know). However, we’re also seeing a larger percentage of 21-35 year olds talking about SxSW as well (67% versus 62%)

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